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The diary of Fútbol Emotion Team Broto

In Soloporteros we live in a non stop of new ideas. It's an incredible place to work, where you can find us in the call center with an order of a pair of gloves, with a goalkeeper audition all over Spain or trying out new ideas for our website.

This blog is open for all the staff, the Team Broto, in Soloporteros where we tell you all about the latest updates in our house.

The White Glove Pedro Mayo

Can you imagine someone capable of telling a football glove range just by touching the wrinkles of the latex in the palm when it's compressed? Someone who knows all the models of every brand used by professional goalkeepers since the 90'? That's me. But why white glove? footballs are white and gloves must be white, just like the best thieves. There's nothing like a good blocking action when hand and football are one. That's the best image for me.

Goalkeeper training sessions Oscar Santamaría

In this blog you will find: How to prepare training sessions, analysis and feedback, we will comment on the best saves of professional goalkeepers, how they work to be able to solve actions during a game and what exercises can improve technical, tactics or psychological aspects.

Contests Team Broto

If you think it's impossible to get a product signed by a professional player, to go free to a Champions League game or to wear the jersey of your favorite player, that's because you didn't know about the Soloporteros contests, where every single month we give away amazing gifts to our clients.

What are you waiting for? join us and good luck!

Glove Spotting Juan José Avecilla (Tukkann)

During a game you focus on the player that scores, on the defenders or even on the referee. What I do is pay attention to the single guy in the goal, and to be more precise, to his gloves. Here you will find the gloves used by professional goalkeepers in their games.

Today we will use Pedro Mayo

You are used to see me dissecting material in the videos and blog but always adapting to what the brand says. But here you will find a complete personal opinion on different products I test on the football pitch, with my semi-pro team or with the kids in our school. Some of you will agree with my opinion and others won't but both parts will be right.

With the toe Arturo Santamaría

In"With the toe" we analyse every single details of the latest futsal shoes in the market. Follow us and you will get to see the best images and analysis on the best products you can wear for your favorite game, Futsal.

Straight from the oven Pedro Mayo

In "Straight from the oven" you will find the images on the latest releases on football boots and goalkeeper gloves. We know it's not to hard to find leaked images in the internet of future boots but without any details or description, only colors. But in "Straight from the oven" you will know all about the most important releases before anyone else, the materials and the important details.

The Black Boot Pedro Mayo

I played my first football game, in 1993, with the Kelme Duende model because Zubizarreta was mil idol. From that moment the football boot became a fetich for me. Umbro Speciali, Puma King, Lotto Stadio, adidas Copa Mundial, Nike Tiempo Premier, Mizuno Morelia, Joma Toledo or Diadora Brasil. My feet have worn all those legend black leather boots. But now the market has changed and I must adapt to the new technologies... And I like it! If you want my vision on the evolution of the football boots, stay tuned to "The Black Boot".