New adidas X18+ Adizero boots

The German brand keeps bringing its football boot designs from the fields to the streets, what is great news for us football fans. Let’s meet the last adidas street model, the adidas X 18+ Adizero trainers.

21 June 2018 - Written by Matias Velazquez

With the renewal of the adidas’ fastest silo, has also arrived its trainer version with a design that adapts the characteristics and fit of the X adidas football boots that we can see on the field to a standard trainer.

The first detail we need to point out is that, although this is the adaptation of a football boot, adidas has always kept in mind that this is a street trainer so it has a wider last than a football boot and the fit isn’t that close-fitted as it’s necessary in the playfield.

Starting with the upper, it’s made with a synthetic microfiber that is almost identical to the one of the new adidas X 18.1. The fabric is very similar to the Speedmesh that can be found in the aforementioned. Besides, they keep the same drilling distribution that favours the ventilation and light weight of the shoe. Another element of the upper are its laces, which have also inherited the position and distribution of the X 18.1 but with the characteristic thicker and wider fit of a trainer.

Finally, we need to point out that the heel has experienced some modifications since the size of the back of the heel counter has been slightly shortened and the padding of the zone has been increased to favour comfort.

Regarding the sole, we can say that here is the biggest difference given that, for this adaptation, adidas has chosen again the most comfortable material of all its catalogue, the Boost, a technology that can be seen in the running models of the brand. Besides providing an excellent comfort in all its models, it also offers a spectacular energy return in every step (you actually feel like you’re bouncing) that gives more comfort and less impact for our feet. Under the Boost there’s a hardened synthetic lining to guarantee the durability of the boot as well as a comfortable and effective fit.

This is the X 18.1 model, one of the best adaptations of the brand that, along with Predator, will seduce all the trainer lovers. The new adidas X will be in the World Cup as well as in the streets.

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