New AW18 pack by New Balance

New Balance presents totally renewed colors for its two lines. Tekela and Furon are back to face the winter season.   

07 November 2018 - Written by Matias Velazquez

This isn’t about a line change or slight technical modifications but about new fresher colors, both for Furon and Tekela. These two football boot lines are seducing new players worldwide since the Liverpool winger, Sadio Mané, scores the most amazing goals wearing a pair of Furons.

We’ll begin our review with this line. Despite having to use it a few times so it can adapt to our foot, it works like a charm. New Balance designed the Furon silo with a slim cut thanks to the Phantom Fit technology which provides that “capsuled” sensation speedy players like so much. Its synthetic structure offers lightness as well as grip in order to guarantee a good touch.

On the other hand, what would a speed boot be without an aggressive plate? Furon combines a number of directional studs to ensure a very aggressive traction.

Regarding these new colors, New Balance has inverted them like it did with its last pack, and mixed pink with black, giving Furon an amazing look.

Now we pass on to a very comfortable line, Tekela, launched just before the 2018 Russia World Cup and focused above all on offering a fantastic touch thanks to its Kinetich Stich technology. It consists on thin lines all over the upper responsible for providing grip when in contact with the ball.

Its sole presents a classic distribution of conical studs. This stud arrangement is still one of the most demanded by players throughout the years since it provides a totally safe traction without that displeasant sensation of being stuck in the playfield.

Apart from its lightness, another advatange of synthetic uppers is the possibility of making incredible color combinations. In this case the Tekela look is simply brutal, the mix of dark pink with white will make us stand out in any part of the field.

To sum up, two completely different silos have been renewed to let us combine them with our team’s different kits.

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