Top 5 most durable boots

This time we come back with a top 5 of the most durable boots, those that match after match keep going on. Let's see them. 

15 March 2018 - Written by Matias Velazquez

First, we have to take into account that durability is quite a relative thing and won't work the same for all of us since it depends on how we treat the boots. If we use a FG sole in artificial grass, the boot will last less. Also, if the last is very narrow for the foot, it's possible the boot will "open up" in the laterals quicker. With the contrary case, (wide boot-narrow foot), as the laces will be excessively tightened, we'll have the same problem since we're exposing the area to too much tension when pulling the laces. Having explained this, let's detail out top 5 models that won't ever dissapoint you.

X 17+ adidas football boots

Either in the X 17.1 model or in its other laceless version, this adidas football boot keeps on going thanks to its adjustment and to the union of the sole's plate with the upper. The techfit, despite being very soft, won't tear up with just a single step. Also, the collar feels really strong, despite its softer texture

Nike Magista Obra II Elite football boots

The version without collar of Nike's touch boot includes a sole with a fantastic traction and an upper constructed with a synthetic material that has been present for years in Nike's boots, the Kangalite, which copies the properties of the skin but without absorbing water and with a much lighter weight. And thanks to it, the boot is much more durable, since this is a long-lasting material in its joining to the plate as well as when enduring brushes, steps and direction changes that usually make the upper suffer.

Nike Tiempo VII Elite

With the new version of the Tiempo, Nike has produced a really durable skin boot, something not very usual in the current scene. Over all, we've got to focus in the joining between the sole and the upper, which provides a great lockdown (among other things, helped by the Flyknit), being reinforced in comparison to previous versions of the boot. Another noteworthy aspect is the support the skin provides the cage, preventing it from deforming and to last much longer in its original shape.

Mizuno Morelia II MD football boots

Another skin model. The Japanese brand always makes top quality models. The quality of the kangaroo skin in the upper is excellent, and this, added to the skin gussets in the heel, as well as the laces, prevent the erosion of those areas. Another detail is in the sole, and that's why, far from other brands, we can see 3 curves in the toe cap to provide a greater reinforcement against the typical erosion produced by our favourite sport's practise.

adidas Predator 18+ football boots

This new adidas release left many players stunned given that Predator was back with all its identity marks. One of them is its durability: surely you have seen in the locker room some of your teammates or other players, still with 2014 models or even previous models that keep it together (with obvious signs og having been used) year after year. And this last adidas Predator football boot model wasn't going to be an exception. Despite it's made with a much lighter and softer material in the upper, the fusion of the predator element with the rest of materials, as well as the plate of the sole (that is very steady) turns out into a perfect model in durability terms.

You know now our top 5 most durable boots for all playstyles. Remember to follow the tips we usually provide about boot maintenance and tell us in the comments about some model that has been with you for many years.

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