Alexis Sánchez: the 7 legacy

The number 7 of the Red Devils is much more than just a number. It implies history, responsibility and thoroughness and it seems that Alexis Sanchez hasn't hesitated to take all of its essence on his back.

23 January 2018 - Written by Tiago Gomes

The most recent sign up for Jose Mourinho's squad in the Manchester United didn't hesitate to choose the number 7 for this new stage as a reds player.

The Chilean "Wonder Boy" seems to have fulfilled the promise he made as a kid, after a cold statement saying he didn't have anything and wouldn't become anyone in life, to what he replied, without blinking an eye: "I'm not the richest in the country, but I'll be the best football player".

It's true that he has paved himself a respectful career in the European football and now he accepts this new role in one of bis best moments, after the Barça and the Arsenal. However, this is a greater challenge since he will take on the responsibility of carrying the iconic number 7 of the Machester United.

The 7 of the Red Devils is from long ago the most representative number of the recent history in the Old Trafford's club, since "The Belfast Boy", aka "The Fifth Beatle", shone as nobody did before for 11 seasons in England.

George Best represented the badge of the Manchester United in 474 matches, scoring 181 goals, and became part of the United Trinity or Holy Trinity along with Bobby Charlton and Denis Law.

After Best, the next starring star is, as he likes to be called, "The King", a player that marked a milestone in the Manchester both for his football skills as well as for his irreverence inside and outside the playfield.

Éric "l'enfant terrible" Cantona dazzled the Old Trafford, wearing its colours for 183 matches and scoring 82 goals.

We say now au revoir to Éric Cantona and open the way for one of the most shiny "jewels of the Crown", a young Englishman that would forever change the picture of the modern player, one of the first to become a media celebrity inside and outside the pitch, one that knew how to combine both his qualities as a player and his commercial image as well, becoming "a lethal maketing weapon". He was one of the "galácticos" in the Real Madrid, but it was in the Manchester and with the number 7, where he made his début in the football world. We are talking, of course, about David Beckham, 10 season at the service of the team, with 364 contested matches.

When everybody thought it would be very hard to compete with all the previous 7s, a "kid" who became a man guided by Sir Alex Ferguson, made his appearance. He is the record breaker, for many the best player in the world, who assumed as his own the number 7, being know today as "The 7".

Cristiano Ronaldo, CR7, 292 matches and 118 goals in 6 seasons dressed in red and white. Some impressive numbers that we all feel "compelled" to respect.

The rumour is that his return to English lands isn't very far away, and precisely to come back to the Man Utd, being this the shortest period for a new 7. However, we'll have to wait until the end of the season to see what happens.


Because Alexis Sánchez is the new 7 of the Manchester for now.

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