Meridia Capital is now a Futbol Emotion shareholder

We normally talk more about football than about our own company, so we’re proud to break the news to you. After some time looking for a travel buddy, we annouce that from a couple of weeks ago, the investment fund Meridia Capital, is now a Futbol Emotion shareholder.

30 May 2018 - Written by Héctor Mainar

We’re still the same as ever, supported by these new partners that come now into our company with a noteworthy minority. We’re still a family company that, with hard work and a lot of professionals, has grown much more than what Javier Sánchez Broto could imagine when he dreamed about this idea in his Scottish stage until becoming one of the lead online football company in Spain and being present in a number of Spanish cities. However, we don’t want to stop here, and we’re convinced that with this new backup we’ll conquer the international market by betting for the opening of more physical stores so each time is easier to interact with us.

Meridia Capital is an independent consultant that manages around 1,000 million euro worth assets. Through their private investment fund, Meridia Private Equity is focused on driving Spain-based companies working in the lifestyle field.

Nothing changes for us. We’ll keep on growing in an ambitious but constant way, with the desire of attaining new and attractive goals.

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