Nike Football is changing the name of its football boots

With its new collection, Nike also brings a change of name of the different football boot models and that's why we bring here a summary for all those of you who want to buy a new boot model.

07 March 2018 - Written by Marco Migaleddu

There's already some people who's asking about how it is possible for a Hypervenom Phantom III to be now 70€. Or how a Tiempo Legend VII is less than 100€. The reality is that Nike Football, with the release of the new Fast AF collection, has made a change in the names of its different price levels and it's normal now to be a little bit confused if you find a model that suddenly it's perfectly affordable now. It's also true that the names given until now set quite a wide vocabulary to have in mind and it was difficult to remember to which price level belonged each boot.

The former name table

The four silos had until the current collection release a different name for every price level, having thus at least four different names per model in the different pricing levels. For example, Tiempo had the Legend as the top-tier, Legacy was in the inmediately inferior level and the line was closed by Ligera and Rio. With Mercurial, we talked about Superfly and Vapor in the top tier, while in the mid tier were for example Veloce and Veloce DF, only differentiated by the presence (or lack of presence) of the Dynamic Fit. This formed a huge table with contradictions that had the same names equally leveled in the mid tier or, on the contrary, different names among the top tier of the same silo. From this concern comes the decision of the American brand of reviewing the name table of the different models in the market that will probably help regular clients to understand which is the perfect shoe for their wallet.

The new name table

With this new naming, Nike has created 4 different names for the different price levels, the same for the different silos of the American brand: Elite, for the top-tier models, Pro for the professional models, Academy for the mid-tier and Club for the most affordable models. The last suffix to consider is the acronym DF, to identify which model has Dynamic Fit sock and which doesn't, except for the Mercurial silo that differentiates the versions with and without Dynamic Fit with the names Superfly and Vapor repectively.

Nike also says goodbye to the name Opus for the Magista line, like the name Phinish had previously disappeared in the Hypervenom silo with the release of the third generation. What stays is the name Vapor for the Mercurial without sock, a decision made regarding the fact that Vapor is the oldest and most seeked speed silo of the American brand. I'ts also interesting to note how models like Pro and Academy that until today didn't exist will now widen the range of sales in each price level.

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Jaime Achury
Wednesday, 21 de March de 2018
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Excelente explicación a las ganas de Nike. Gracias.

Jaime Achury
Wednesday, 21 de March de 2018
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Excelente explicación a las gamas de Nike. Gracias.

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