Award to the best online store in Aragón.

First year we present our company to the awards Feria de Tiendas Virtuales de Aragón and we can say we brought back with us the biggest award. The judge gave us the award to the best online store in Aragón, and we also won the "usable" category.

18 April 2015 - Written by Team Broto
Award to the best online store in Aragón.

We all enjoy out training sessions, playing football, the trips, trying to improve our skils everyday... but once in a while, it's nice to win a trophie with our team. We are not a company obsessed in winning awards, we belive in daily work and getting better every day. But this year we wanted to present our project in some different awards and we actually won them all.

In June we won the E Awards the ecommerce sports awards to the best sports store in Spain and a few month ago Javier Sanchez Broto won the award to the entrepreneur businessman in Aragón, and this we presented our ticket to the Feria de Tiendas Virtuales.

This initiative has been celebrated in the Walqa Technological Parl for the past 10 years, with the Aragon's Information Society Observatory and the Aragon government. In 2 days with speeches, chats, discusses... The big moment came when they had to choose the best companies. There are 6 categories: placement, marketing, social media, legal and usable. The judge was composed with experts in each matter to choose the winner. There were two more awards: best rookie store and the best award: The best online store.

In our first year in these awards, we brought yesterday back to our place the main award. The judge gave us the award to the best virtual store in Aragon. Plus, we also won the usable category:we like this award because it's the aspect most important for us, to try to give you an website easy to use.

Soon the E Awards 2015 will start as well as the PayPal awards, this year because of their 10 years anniversary. In both awards, the customer's vote will be extreamly important in order to be evaluated by the professional judge. We need your help to win again the awards and help our sister -Meta Running- to be selected.

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