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10 April 2015 - Written by Team Broto

Hi there!

We are so glad to be able to present to you this new department where you will find all the Soloporteros Blogs with the latest football and futsal gear updates, where we will analyze the products, where we give you a full written and video review, where you will find play test reviews on football boots, futsal shoes and football gloves, glove spotting, contests, as well as interviews with professional players and coaches and goalkeeper training sessions too.

We want you to be part of our community and that is why there’s a comment section down below every post, so you can share with us all your thoughts, let us know if you would add things or change some others, and participate in the contests where we give away some very cool products.

We want our website not to be just an online store, and that’s why we created different blogs where you will find more football freaks like you. The intention is to create a football community where everyone can express themselves, share opinions and we want you to join it.

We will be updating blogs every week so stay tuned if you want to know all about the latest news in the football market.

We hope you enjoy this new department and if so, let us know in the comment sections.

Kind Regards

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