Glove Spotting April I 2015

After some vacation time and the international games, we are back with the latest update of the Glove Spotting where we find SMUs, new models and some special modifications of professional goalkeepers.

14 April 2015 - Written by Juan José Avecilla (Tukkann)


Ederson Santana - Soloporteros Mussa Air EVO CHR. It's pretty obvious that the Soloporteros brand is more popular every day among proffesional keepers. A good example of this is the Brazilian goalkeeper for Rio Ave, Ederson Santana, with the Mussa Air EVO CHR model of the latest SP collection.

Pablo Alcolea - Soloporteros Mussa Strong EVO. Lots of goalkeepers of La Liga Adelante (Spain's 2nd national football league) use SP gloves. This time we can se Pablo Alcolea, with his Mussa Strong EVO roll/flat.


Ralf Faehrmann - Reusch Receptor. The German league is Reusch territory, such is the power they have in this league that we often find SMU gloves that will stand out. This time we can see Faehrmann with the Receptor model with the G2 white palme and flat cut, with the combination of the Bundesliga colorway. The body of the glove is a thin semielastic latex layer and a white latex wrist band.

Rene Adler - Reusch Receptor. Another Reusch SMU in the Bundesliga. This time Adler uses the Pro G2 colors in the backhand and a white palm with a rounded flat cut with a wider stitching in the outside. In the backhand we find another modification and ist's with a latex piece covering the mesh of the stock model. And we get the stock fastening.


Stéphane Ruffier - Uhlsport Eliminator Absolutigrip. We move to France where we find the international French player with the Eliminator model with some modifications. It doesn't feature the anatomical lines in the palm nor the small tip in the fingers. And in the palm we can also find an inscription: JFPSSLC.


Jonathan Orozco - Rinat Imperator. Rinat presented a new model for the International Goalkeeper's Day. The Rinat Imperator: XP latex and rollfinger cut. The aescetics of this glove, as always, look really good. Some goalkeepers couldn't wait to use this model


Rene Román - Sells TotalContact Aqua. Sells is becoming more and more popular in Spain with their gloves. Another keeper that has chosen this brand is Rene Román, with the Total Contact Aqua without modifications.


Thibaut Courtois - Nike Vapor Grip 3. A while ago we saw Coutois wearing the Vapor Grip 3 model with the colors of that current collection but with the structure of the past model. This time he surprises us again with a clear modification. The color of the palm, which is black and not the stock white. We don't know the reason but it's a pretty clear modification.


Jack Duncan - Aviata Salvo Magnetik. We also bring you some unknow gloves. Aviata became more popular in Spain because it was the brand used by ex goalkeeper for FC Barcelona, José Manuel Pinto. This time, straight from Australia, we can see Duncan with the Salvo Magnetik model with a hybrid cut.

Kasper Schmeichel - Precision Schmeichology 5. It's not the first time we see him here. kasper is wearing the exclusive Precision GK of the Schmeichology line in it's 5th generation.

Salvatore Sirigu - Adidas Ace Zones - Reusch Receptor PRO G2. Two weeks ago we could see in the Social Media photos of Sirigu testing the new adidas Ace Zones. This photo became so popular that the next day we would see him with his usual Receptors. We signed to wear adidas boots and we guess he was testing these to give adidas some feedback.

That's all for this post. Happy Internationa Goalkeeper's day. 

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