Glove Spotting - Diciembre 2015

We are in some very special days and I though it would be nice to give you a new post. Some updates made by Nike, the new History Pack by adidas and a bunch of lessknown brands. This is the December Special Gloves Spotting 2015 1st part.

21 December 2015 - Written by Juan José Avecilla (Tukkann)


Iker Casillas - Adidas Ace Zones Pro 82. Lets start with the most recent gloves released by adidas, the History Pack. This time we can see Iker Casillas with the Ace Zones Pro 82 model, tribute to the glove worn by Toni Schumacher in the 1982 World Cup. 

Petr Cech - Adidas Ace Zones Pro 98. Another adidas player, Petr Cech, also had the priviledge to use one of the models of the History Pack, to ber more specific, the Ace Zones Pro 98 model, worn by Fabian Barthez in the 1998 France World Cup. Using the base of the current Ace Zones Pro.

Heurelho Gomez - Adidas Ace Zones Pro. The veteran player, Gomez, keeps it up in the Premier League and is a key piece in the goal of his club, Watford. It's funny but Gomez started in PSV with Penalty gloves, after that Uhlsport, then he moved to Sells and this last year we can see him with adidas gloves. Here we can find him wearing the Ace Zones Pro stock model.


Jack Butland - Nike Vapor Grip3 Safari. Social media was burning this weekend when Stoke's goalkeeper, Jack Butland, appeard with a Nike model with a safari print. It seems like Nike has decided to change a little bit the looks on their gloves. This time we can see the Vapor Grip3, apparently, with no modification, maintaining the same tech specs.

Joe Hart - Nike Vapor Grip3 RS Safari. After discovering Nike's new desing, we were looking for confirmation to make sure it was not a SMU and the confirmation came in the game between Arsenal and City were we saw Joe hart with those safari print gloves. In this case we can see the Valor Grip 3 Rs with the central fingers with negative cut. Same us Butland with no apparently modifications.

Thibaut Courtois - Nike Vapor Grip3. The Belgian player is back from his injury trying to save Chelsea from its crissis. Courtois keeps using his SMU Vapor Grip 3 gloves with a total black palm, blue details in the middle fingers and a yellow swoosh.


Marcelo Barovero - Reusch Re:pulse D1. In the Club World Cupwe saw the Argentinean keeper Barovero with the new Re:Pulse, everything normal till here. What's weird about it is the compound, it's D1 with synthetic Durasoft latex. It's rare to find a professional keeper using a durable latex instead of a max grip latex palm.

Salvatore Sirigu - Reusch Re:pulse PRO G2. The French Cup is where we can see Sirigu in action since he has lost leadership in PSG's goal. And obviously, as always, we find him with the Re:Pulse model by Reusch with PRO G2 palm. Only thing to mention is that he removes the Reusch print off the palm.

New Balance

Diego Mariño - New Balance Furon Destroy. Another player who has the chance to play in KO tournament is Mariño. With him we find one of the new releases of the year, New Balance gloves, the Furon Destroy model. It continues with the same line of Warrior gloves. Mariño's gloves feature several modifications like an expanded latex palm that goes from the lateral side to the backhand.


Queco Piña - Porteriacero Profesional. C.D Leganes's goalkeeper, Queco Piña, in the past Copa del Rey was wearing the top end model of a Spanish brand, Porteriacero. Rollfinger cut with removable protections.

Igor Stefanovic - NGA Hype. Straight from Portugal, Igor Stefanovic with an unknown brand. It's a Canadian/Portuguese brand NGA Soccer withthe Hype model, which features a negative cut and with a white palm instead of the stock black palm.

Declan Rudd - Precision Schmeichology 5. In UK we can find Nordwich City's goalkeeper, Declan Rudd, with the Schmeichology model by GK. This time with a Hybrid cut in it's fifth generation. The British brand came out with this model as a tribute to Peter Schmeichel and his son Kasper who is currently playing in Leicester City.

David Martin - WestCoast Fusion EVO. Another unknow brand is the one worn by the Britishman David Martin, with the Fusion EVO model by the American brand, WestCoast. Features a Rollfinger cut with a fresh design and colorway.

David Button - Locust Kenetiq. We are going to finish talking about another glove spotted in UK, it's another unknown brand, Locust. David Button, goalkeeper for FC Brentford is using the Kenetiq model with rollfinger cut.

From this blog I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, hope all your dreams come true these days!

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