Glove Spotting. February II 2015

Iago Herrerín debuting on UEFA Europe League with his Soloporteros gloves, the classics are back and some weird glove modifications will be the main parts of this Glove Spotting edition.

10 March 2015 - Written by Juan José Avecilla (Tukkann)


Iago Herrerín - Soloporteros Valor 309. The past week, Herrerín had the chance to debut in a European competition, and as always he did it wearing his exclusive SP Valor 309. Hybrid roll/neg cut, duo interior, double elastic band fastening with neoprene material are the modifications he asks for in his gloves.


Iraizoz - Reusch Receptor Pro G2 Deluxe. The main actor in the KO competition is his team mate Herrerin, the goalkeeper from Navarra is the main actor in La Liga. Gorka has been using the Receptor model for some weeks now and here you will find him with a modified Pro G2 Deluxe. This model features a thicker backhand thanks to the Shockshield Advance, but Iraizoz takes off the Catch Control from the palm as well as the anatomical lines.

Mariano Andujar - Reusch Receptor Pro G2. Another curious case of modified Reusch gloves is the ones owned by international argentinian player Mariano Andujar, Napoli. His model features a negative cut for the Bundesliga model with the Receptor Pro G2 design.


Sergio Rico - Rinat Fénix. With the injury that Beto suffered, the young player who grew up in the youth Sevilla F.C. teams started with a Allegria model but now we've spotted him with the lightest model from Rinat, the Fenix.

Irureta - Rinat Rolotek. Big surprise in the gloves of the Eibar goalkeeper. After using the Kancerbero Samba models with some modifications from the Uno Clasico, hi is now using the Rolotek model. Irureta has also modified these ones. The bizonal palma area with anatomical yellow-black lines in now a complete white smooth palm.


Jona - Puma evoPower 1 Protect. Jona made his debut in first division at the age of 33 after a promising carrer cut short by injuries.  Its secondary role in Spain has been reversed and against all odds has settled in the azulona goal. After using Rinat gloves in his Greek tour, now has moved to Puma and we see him using the completely factory model, evoPower 1 Protect. All he does is remove the protections that it brings, keeping the palm's grooves that other goalies, like Asenjo, do change.

Buffon - Puma evoPower 2 Super. A veteran like Buffon is still here to stay, and remains unremovable in the Vecchia Signora. In the Champions League match against Borussia Dortmund we see him using the evoPower 2 Super model, Grafite Plus white palm instead of the new Absorb Grip, with flat cut and without protections.


Oliver Baumann - Uhlsport Eliminator Absolutgrip. Until last season, Baumann used the Fangmaschine model, but with the arrival of the new Eliminator blue model he has chosen these. Everything was normal until we noticed that the ring and pinky fingers are united because of an injury.


Ter Stegen - Adidas Predator Zones FingerTip. German keeper seems to have settled finally in the culé goal with his appearances in Copa and Champions League, against City we see him using the Fingertip model from the Predator Zones line. Apparently, and coinciding with teammate Claudio Bravo, does not perform any modification in the factory.


Mignolet - Sells Axis 360 Aqua Elite. The international Belgian , Mignolet, has regained his best level and the proof is the return to the first line in Anfield. True to Sells since coming to Liverpool, we see him using the Axis 360 Aqua Elite model with the modification of the fastening strip which becomes entirely latex without the customization window.


Liam Reddy - Umbro Neo Pro Shot Gun Cut. When everything indicated that Umbro could disappear from the football scene, they launched the new version of the legendary Neo Pro. And here we see them in the hands of the Central Coast Mariners goalkeeper Liam Redd.

Michel - Lotto Gripster GK 100In our regular visits to other leagues we found Mexican veteran goalkeeper Luis Michel carrying the Gripster Lotto GK 100 last season, a glove that in Europe have worn goalkeepers like italian De Sanctis.

Wellenreuther - Keepersport Varan 3. To en this post we do it with an unknown brand. All the injuries in Shalke04 have made possible the debut of youg Wellenreuther in the Champions League against Real Madrid. The funny thing is the use of a little known brand, the Keepersport with the Varan 3 model that features a negative cut.

That's all this time, as always leave your comments.

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