Glove Spotting - January 2016

After a short break we're back with tons of updates in the hands of professional goalkeepers. The new Eliminator models, the new Sells collection and a small dose of unknown brands. Here is the Glove Spotting for January 2016.

07 February 2016 - Written by Juan José Avecilla (Tukkann)


Petr Cech - Adidas Ace Zones Classic. The Czech goalkeeprs, who plays for Arsenal, beat the record of games without score in the Premier League. For this special ocasion he decided to use a Whiteout version, the Ace Zones Classic, instead of the Ace Zones retro. You can notice there is no rubber piece in the palm and theres latex between fingers.

Joel Robles - Adidas Ace Zones Pro. This is one of the weird pics of the post and it comes with the Spanish goalkeeper of Everton, Joel Robles, who we can see with a pair of Ace Zones Pro but with the rubber elements removed. We don't know the reason but would love to know.

Kevin Trapp - Adidas Ace Zones Classic. Coming from France we can see Trapp in with the classic model of the Ace Zones. It's a glove with less tecs specs, with no rubber between fingers. It's the version released for 2016.

David Ospina - Adidas Ace Zones Pro. And to finish with adidas we have a pic of the new colors of the adidas Ace Zone Pro worn by the international goalkeeper with Colombia, David Ospina. We can't see if he modifies the stock palm that comes with the reinforcement element but we guess he does do it, just as most keepers.


Alphonse Areola - Uhlsport Eliminator SuperGrip. One of the big upgrades of this 2016 has been the new Uhlsport Eliminator model which features the SuperGrip palm. One of the first keepers to use it has been Areola with Villareal. Exact same to the stock model.

Christian Mathenia - Uhlsport Eliminator SuperGrip. Mathieni, SV Darmstadt 98 keeper, also appears with the new Eliminator model and same as Areola, with the SuperGrip palm which we saw in the 2015 Ergonomic.



Ben Foster - Sells Wrap Elite Aqua. The new collection of the British brand has not yet been released but we can see some details. And we've seen one of the flag ship players, Ben Foster, with the new Wrap Elite Aqua model. Seems like they want to make a more colorful glove like the classic models they had in the past. 

Jon Ander Serrantes - Sells Silhouette Elite Aqua. One of the best keepers in Spain's 2nd division, Jon Ander with C.D. Leganés, appears wearing a very technical Sells glove which we don't see often in Spain, the Silhouette Elite with negative cut. We only appreciate a modification in the wrist cuff strap which is latex.

New Balance

Diego Mariño - New Balance Furon Destroy. In past post we could see Mariño with the New Balance gloves. Now we can see him with a new colorway in his hands. Diego does modify the gloves. He adds removable protections and a bigger latex surface in the backhand.


Diego Benaglio - Puma evoPower 1.3. Puma launched the new evoPOWER boots as well as new gloves. Benaglio who is a flag ship player for the German brand was already using them. He does modify the glove as you probably already know: Negative cut, aqua palm with extension to the wrist cuff and double lap fastening.


Rene Vollath - Erima Contact UltraGrip. From Germany we seen the young keeper Vollath with Erima. An unknown brand in the goal world but not that unknown in the sports market. We can see him with the Contact Ultragrip model with a latex strap band which is not the same in the stock model.

Rob Elliot - One Glove Pulse. And we're going to finish with Rob Elliot, Newcastle goalkeeper, with a British brand, One Glove. Using the Pulse model, which is different to the stock model as it features Rollfinger palm.

As Always, leave your opinion down below in the comment section and see you in the next Glove Spotting!

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