Glove Spotting March I 2015

Here is a new Glove Spoting post. Weird modifications, new exclusive models and some brand that are not usually seen among keepers are some of the gloves you'll see in this March Glove Spoting.

24 March 2015 - Written by Juan José Avecilla (Tukkann)


Christian Alvarez - Soloporteros Pantera Cosmos CHR. Big surprise in the Barcelona - Rayo match where we saw Christian Alvarez, who usually wears Reusch, with a pair of Pantera Cosmos CHR for such an important game.

Biel Ribas - Soloporteros Valor 309 CHR. Biel Ribas and his Soloporteros models are a classic in this section, and in the last games in the last games of la liga adelante, we've seen him wearing the new CHR Gigagrip of the Valor 309 line.


Alberto Garcia - Uhlsport Fangmaschine Pro Comfort Rollfinger. The injury suffered by Pichu Cuellar has given him the chance to be in the start line and for the latest games he has chosen the Uhlsport Pro Comfort Rollfinger model with no modifications. 

Erit Berisha - Uhlsport Ergonomic Absolutgrip. The Albanian and Lazio's goalkeeper is in one of his best moments of this season. In his last game we saw him with a classic Uhlsport model, the Ergonomic Absolutigrip pretty well worn before we see the new summer models.

Gerónimo Rulli - Uhlsport Fangmaschine FingerSurround. A big sensation this season is the young keeper for Real Sociedad, Rulli. He is one of a few keepers in Spain with Uhlsport gloves and for the last game against Levantes he was wearing the Fangmaschine FingerSurround with the new 2015 colorway.

Oleksandr Shovkovskiy - Uhlsport Ergonomic Aquasoft. From Ucraine, a veteran, Shovkovskiy, the keeper for Dinamo in the Uefa Europe League. He is wearing the Ergonomic Aquasoft modelwith two modifications, the Uhlsport logo features a black color to the shape and he covers the logo in the index hand according to the FIFA standards.

Nicolas Douchez - Uhlsport Eliminator Absolutgrip. Salvatore Sirigu is not giving him him to many opportunities in PSG, but he is the keeper for the Coupe of France. He is loyal to the German brand and you can see him with the Eliminator Absolutgrip moels with the new colorway of this year.


Iker Casillas - Adidas Ace Zones. The past week we were pretty surprised when we saw Iker Casillas with an all black adidas glove. After some research  we know that he has been testing a new silo from adidas that will be launched this summer and will be named Ace Zones. I seems like the glove maintains the same structure from the predator sones but with more rubber areas for a better grip.

Cenk Gonen - Adidas Predator Classic. Besiktas is making a good job in the Europe League, and Gonen has been really important. He is using the Predator Classic model, from the start of the season with no predator Pro elements making it a more lightweight glove.


Jaroslav Drobny - Reusch Receptor Pro M1. Another veteran from German lands with a complete modified glove. Drobny uses the Receptor M1 with some modifications. He gets a neoprene body instead of the AirVent and he also changes the color of the palm for a white one with the M1 technology. And the the elastic band features a latex material which is wider.


Oier Olazabal - Puma evoPower Grip 1. We are back in Spain with Oier Olazabal, goalkeeper for Granada who keeps wearing Puma gloves, this time the evoPower Grip 1 without protections and flat palm with no analtomical lines.


Jesus Corona - Under Armour Dominate. And we are going to finish in Mexico with a big innovation. We only had seen Brad Friedel with Under Armour gloves, a brand that is not too extended among keepers. Well this is the second keeper we find wearing this brand, the mexican internations Jesus Corona with the Dominate model, pretty simple, all white and the brand logo in the center.

This has been the first Glove Spoting of March, as always I'll be waiting for your comments.

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