Glove Spotting - November 2015

We know it's been a while since the last post but we are back with the Glove Sportting post for November. We bring lots of new models and some weird fact.

12 November 2015 - Written by Juan José Avecilla (Tukkann)


Iago Herrerin - Soloporteros Mussa Strong XT Aqualove. We are used to see Iago Herrerin with his exclusive Valor 309 gloves but in the last Europa League game he chose the Mussa Strong XT Aqualove model. A glove with reinforcements and a hybrid roll/flat cut.


Brad Guzan - Nike Gunn Cut. The American is a classic in this section and we have him back with the Nike Gunn Cut model with new colors. But what curious about it is the modification where he replaces the latex strap for a textile strap and removes the latex extension that goes from the palm to the wrist.

Joe Hart - Nike Vapor Grip3 RS. Another usual player here. He's back with the new Nike Vapor Grip 3, but as always we has decided to use the RS cut also known as negative cut in the central fingers.

Tim Howard - Nike Premier SGT. Nike is back with new colors and here is the Premier SGT model, we can see it in hands of the American goalkeeper that plays in the Premier League. Howard has a modified palm with rollfiger in the index finger and flat for the rest fo it.


Claudio Bravo - Adidas Ace Zones FT. After his injury, the Chilean goalkeeper is back to FC Barcelona's starting line and he does it with the new adidas Ace Zones Fingertip. The only modification is that as most keepers he doesn't get the reinforcement piece in the palm which is completely flat.

Artur Boruc - Adidas Ace Zones Pro. The Polish goalkeeper is living a secong youth in Bournemouth. We've always seen him with Puma, but the last year he started to use adidas gloves and in this case we can se him with the new Ace Zones Pro, the same as the stock model.

Manuel Neuer - Adidas Ace Zones Pro. We bring Neuer because of a big curiousity. The negative cut in the Zones Pro fits tight and the interior latex area sticks out. Well, Neuer uses a negative cut but with a bulky stitching in the thumb side making for more latex surface. The other modification is the elastic strap for the latex strap.

Vito Mannone - Adidas Ace Zones Pro. Mannone vas loyal to Reusch and we've seen him here several times. But now we can see he has switched to the other German bran, adidas, with the Ace Zones Pro with the original colorway.


Kiko Casilla - Sells TotalContact Elite Exosphere. Since Navas has been injured for some games, Kiko Casilla has been playing more games. He signed with Sells with the TotalContact Exosphere. Comes with the Outlast thermo regulator technology. Same as the stock model.

Pichu Cuellar - Sells TotalContact Elite Aqua. After his injury he is back to Sporting's goal. In his hands we can see the TotalContact Elite aqua model and replaces the elastic strap for a classic latex strap.


Gianluigi Donnarumma - Puma evoPower Grip 1. One of the biggest surprises is the young Italian goalkeeper, Donnarumma, in Milan's starting line. He has chosen Puma gloves, the evoPOWER 1 grip model, same as the stock model.


Federico Marchetti - Errea Zero 14. After being an HOSoccer keeper he is now wearing a brand that doesn't focus that much on gloves, Errea. With the Zero 14 model with a classic cut.

Jean Luis Leca - Kipsta F700. He is not the first goalkeeper we see wearing Kipsta gloves from Decathlon. He wears the F700 model with a simple desing but enough for what a professional keeper needs.

Toni Jimenez - Under Armour Dominate. 

And we are going to finnish with Toni Jimenez, ex professional keeper, current coach in Tottenham. Under Armour is the sponsor of the British club and we can see Toni wearing the Dominate model.

Leave your comments down bellow and I'll see you in the next time Glove Spotting.

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