Glove Spotting - November 2015 2nd Part

Competitions continue and so we get more images of professional player and their gloves. The new Re:Pulse by reusch start to appear and have already been anounced in Soloporteros.

30 November 2015 - Written by Juan José Avecilla (Tukkann)


Iago Herrerin - Soloporteros. We are so close to Christmas that we start to see all that has been prepared for this time of the year. Here we find Iago Herrerin with his new SP gloves. We can't confirm the model but ve are pretty sure it's the new Valor 309 EVO CHR, and what we can see is that he has received a complete new colorway in Green. Soon more news.


Rene Adler - Reusch Re:Pulse. One of the Star ship keepers by reusch, he didn't wait much to show his new Re:pulse. Very interesting SMU he is wearing with the image of the Re:pulse but with a classic rounded flat cut and latex backhand with no visible textile portions not like the stock model. And also the wrist cuff is wider and mae with latex.

Padelli - Reusch Re:Pulse PRO G2. Danielle Padelli is another goalkeeper that has decided to show his new Reusch gloves and we can see him wearing the Re:pulse PRO G2 model and it looks like the stock model.

Rafael - Reusch Re:Pulse PRO G2 Bundesliga. More keeprs with new Reusch gloves. This time it's Rafael wearing the G2 Bundesliga model with a negative cut but with a modification compared to the stock model that the German brand productes, because we can see the PRO G2 golors intead of the Bundesliga colors.

Gorka Iraizoz - Reusch Re:Load Supreme G2. And thi is one of the less seen models from The past collection by Reusch, the Re:Load, which looks very classic but it's full of Reusch technology. Iraizoz chooses this model because he can modify the duo latex and remove the ShockShield Advanced from the backhand.


Manuel Neuer  - Adidas Ace Zones Pro. We've seen several images of adidas gloves with a retro design and we've finally been able to  see them in hand of a professional keeper. We can si the adidas flag ship keeper, Manuel Neuer in the image with new gloves. the biggest difference with the Ace Pro is the back hand that is built with latex and with no rubber zones in the fingers. We can also see the three adidas stripes in the back hand. The palm still comes in two colors and we still don't know if this model will hit the market but we'll find out soon.

Szczesny - Adidas Ace Zones Pro. Another big suprise came in the last Champions League game where we saw the Polish keeper, Szczesny, with a black out adidas Ace Zones Pro. He stoped using the Nike Premier SGT that he usually used. What's weird is that he was still wearing Nike boots.


Fernando Muslera - Puma evoPower 1 Protect. Fernando Muslera has surprised because he has changed brand from Reusch to Puma as we can see him in the image with the evoPower Grip 1 with a modification in the palm that removes the anatomical lines and with no protections.

Rui Patricio - Puma evoPower Grip 1. One of Puma's big updates for this Christmas is the PorArt line in the gloves and boots lines. In this case we can see Rui Patricio with the evoPower PopArt model, the Grip 1 version, with a flat palm.


Jack Butland - Nike Vapor Grip 3. And from the Premier League we get this image of  Jack Butland with a SMU Vapor Grip 3. Between the fingers we can find an orange color detail and white for the rest of the palm.

Matt Ryan - Nike Vapor Grip3. The Australian goalkeeper for Valencia was back in the starting line. Last time we saw hi he was using the Ace Zones Fingertip but it looks like he has moved back to Nike. We can see him in the image wearing the Nike Vapor Grip 3 in black and white.


Wayne Hennessey - Umbro Neo Pro Shot Gun Cut. Umbro is one of the most iconic brands in football market, they are no longer as strong as the biggest brands, but we still see professional player with the brand. Hennessey was wearing the Neo Pro Shot Gun Cut that is still a top end model in the market.

And thats it for the second part of November's Glove Sportting. Leave your comments and I'll see you in the next one!

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