Glove Spotting Women's World Cup 2015

To end the season I wanted to make this las Post as a tribute to the women goalkeepers and what better way than dedicating them this entire glove spotting post with the first images of the World Cup in Canada where Spain will be participating for the first time. 

09 June 2015 - Written by Juan José Avecilla (Tukkann)


Sandra Paños - Soloporteros Mussa Strong Paños. For such a meeting we were expecting Soloporteros to create a SMU for Sandra for the World Cup event. The base is of the Mussa Strong, but modified with the colors of the Spanish flag, with the World Cup logo in the litlle finger and the legend: Mussa Paños. Nice gift for the Spanish kepeer.


Ingrid Hjelmseth - Adidas Predator Zones Classic. Adidas is one of the most popular brands among the female kepeers in this championship, and in this photo we can see the Norwegian, Hjelmseth, wearing the new classic model of the Predator line. Produced without any personalizations.

Nadine Angerer - Adidas Predator Zones Pro. The German player Angerer is one of the best keepers in a worldwide level, and here we can find the modifications in her Predator Zones Pro, which features a clasic flat cut instead of the negative cut. Also called Positive cut in adidas.

Erine McLeod - Adidas Ace Zones Ultimate. And there was no way we would not mention the new adidas Ace Zones. The goalkeeper of the Canadian National team was wearing the Ace Zones Ultimate, with the Wrist Control and Fingersave technologies.

Wang Fei - Adidas Predator Ultimate. One of the weird models is the one we find in the hands of Wang Fei with, goalkeeper for China. Her Predator Ultimate gloves have the logos covered and she paints the 'F' of her surname in the index finger and a heart in the center.


Waraporn Boosing - Uhlsport Ergonomic 360 Supergrip. One of the big innovations in the market that has been presented in the Worl Cup is the Ergonomic 360 model from Uhlsport with a new latex with SuperGrip particles.


Hope Solo - Nike Premier SGT. The popular American keeper is one of the flag ship players of the Swoosh brand so Nike has produced a special model for Solo. We won't find the bending lines in the palm and a negative cut instead of a flat cut. We can also see that the size of the logo in the back hand is much smaller in this model because FIFA has limitations of branding sizes.


Loes Geurts - Reusch Waorani Pro G2 Deluxe. Another big brand we will see in this World Cup is Reusch and one of the keepers wearing it will be Loes Geurts wit the Waorani Pro G2 Deluxe model, from the 2014 collection but without the anatomical bending lines in the palm and the Catch control technology.

Gaelle Thalmann - Reusch Receptor Pro G2 Deluxe. Another Reusch keeper is Helvetica Thalman, with the Receptor Pro G2 Deluxe model with no modifications.


Dominique Thiamale - Puma evoPower 1 Grip. The first game with tons of goals. Thimale had to sufer in this game with her evoPower 1 Grip model with a characteristic that stands out, no anatomical lines. 


Erin Nayler - Precision Schmeichology 4. We also have a place for the less known brands. Erin Nayler debuted in the World Cup with the Schmeichology 4 model from Precision with a rollfinger cut.

Erina Yamane - Asics. The weirdest case is the one we find with Yamane, who is wearing Asics gloves which are not usually seen among keepers, never. This collection was made in Japan in 2007. It seems like a mod-low rang glove, rare in a professional goalkeeper.

I'll be waiting for your coments!

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