Adidas Predator 18.1 Leather pack

Again, the Predator line is the main star of the day. This time it brings up a variation of previous models, the ones professionals use. Well, today these boots are available at Futbol Emotion.

31 October 2018 - Written by Ander Torres

Despite this isn't a new release, the excitement is the same or even more. We are living a great time in terms of boots which are made with a great quality. The adidas Predator  boots are a clear example of this. Sure you remember its release, the controversy, the totally contradictory comments. At the end, adidas Predator seduced the most random public as well as professional players from the best leagues worldwide. However, professionals had an advantage in comparison to the rest of footballers, they could choose to wear the leather version of the adidas 18.1 boot.


Las veíamos constantemente en televisión, en vídeos e incluso, a través de la RR.SS. de los jugadores, buscábamos y rebuscábamos intentando conseguir esa bota, sin resultado. Hoy, por fin, podemos conseguir esta bota fabricada para los profesionales, una bota que adidas decidió en un principio, no poner a la venta y que hoy podéis adquirir gracias a Fútbol Emotion.


We saw them constantly on TV, on videos, even on the social media. And then, we renlentlesstly searched and searched trying to get that boot with no results. Today, at last, we can get this boot made for professionals, the boot that adidas chose not to sell in the first place but that you can purchase now thanks to Futbol Emotion.

At first sight, the adidas Predator Leather 18.1 is spectacular, it has a polished and elegant look, no matter the color we choose since the colorways Energy Mode, Team Mode and Spectral Mode will all be available. In terms of technology, they're the same...or are they? Not entirely. Besides having the smoothest Leather-K (kangaroo skin), it counts with its characteristic collar but more reduced than the commercial version's. Professionals were demanding this, it seems they weren't convinced by the size of the original version and the engineers of the brand decided to include a collar that is smaller than usual. The rest of the upper has been manufactured with the characteristic Primeknit and covered with Control Skin, made and designed to obtain a perfect shoot.

This variety of adidas Predator 18.1 Leather can be obtained in two different versions, either FG (Firm Ground) or SG (Soft Ground), this last version with rubber or aluminium studs.


If you're thinking about buying this version, don't hesitate because it won't last for long in our stores.


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