Cristiano Ronaldo's boot saga comes to an end

After six chapters that recalled the career of the Portuguese star, this saga has finally finished and surprises us with a very particular decoration.

24 September 2018 - Written by Fernando Ortiz

In October 2015, Nike surprised us with the release of a pair of exclusive boots for Cristiano Ronaldo which were the first of a total of 7 special models the player would wear throughout his career. Each chapter payed tribute to an important stage in the sports career of the Portuguese forward.

With the start of the 2018/2019 season and curiously coinciding with a new stage in Ronaldo's trajectory, the last chapter of this boot saga has arrived to Futbol Emotion under the name "Final Chapter".

For this version the prevailing color is an orangy red, however, the most important thing in this boot are its details. At first sight, the Swoosh it's in its usual place, all along the outer lateral of the boot and, beside, there's a smaller second logo. Both of them have a finish that imitates the carbon fiber effect, also appearing in the heel area. Why this material? Because the Nike Mercurial Vapor SL from 2008, made with carbon fiber for the upper and the sole, were the first exclusive boots the forward wore, only for one match, the finale of the Champions League he won with the Manchester United against the Chelsea, a match in which Ronaldo headed a goal and missed a penalty. Currently, those are the hardest Nike boots to get.

Near the basis of the boot we can appreciate a gradient silver color achieved with the number that represents Cristiano Ronaldo from years ago: the 7, appearing too in the heel counter along with his signature. It's also in the heel counter where the number 0000015 indicates how many times CR7 has worn exclusive boots.

The element that changes the least is the sole. The two pieces of this anatomic plate have a dark grey finish, almost black, with a chromed effect. Without a doubt, this is the most aggressive sole to be found nowadays in the wide variety of boots the market offers and the truth is that Mercurial is the only line betting for such sharp-shaped studs with the goal of squeezing to the limit the player's speed.

The last relevant detail is concealed inside the boot, in the insole, which includes a logo that is a combination of the 7 former logos of the saga which began in 2015 with the Nike Mercurial Superfly IV and ends in 2018, two boot generations afterwards, with the Nike Mercurial Superfly VI.

The new Cristiano Ronaldo football boots are available in all its tiers from today at Futbol Emotion here.

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