Best futsal boots under 60€

Probably many of you have already began the preseason. These dates are the ones to buy a new boot and the is when arises the doubt about which one to choose. That's why, we present the new Top 5 best futsal boots under 60€ that can be found in Futbol Emotion's catalogue.

23 August 2018 - Written by Ander Torres

We have already talked many times about the great change that football and futsal are currently experiencing, as well as all the gear that these two sports involve. We normally talk about top-tier boots because they're the ones to receive the most innovations, but that doesn't mean that the boots from the rest of tiers stay always the same. Indeed, the passing of time has made mid and low tiers to inherit the improvements of the top tiers. If you want to know which are for us the best futsal boots under 60€, read the following post.



Mizuno Club 2 IN

We start this post with a boot made by the Japanese brand Mizuno, specifically the Mizuno Club 2 IN. In all its upper there's a combination of synthetic nubuck and Airfresh mesh to improve perspiration, reinforcing the toe cap with synthetic skin and providing this zone witha great resistance against erosion.

It includes a mid/low profile midsole, with a drop which provides a great touch in the forefoot as well as a portion of the backfoot made with EVA rubber, ready for the most aggressive impacts. The sole rubber has a herringbone-shaped design and includes grooves to improve traction and facilitate turns. 

Joma Dribling

The Spanish brand couldn't miss this list, we present the Joma Dribling boot. This line has totally changed, begining with the upper, where the change is visible in all of its design. Its cut is made with Fibratec, a material that provides a fantastic touch and an inmediate adaptation to the foot. The boot isn't going to make our foot sweat, given that it has mesh insertions, and joined to the tongue, also of the same material, will make our foot to stay fresh while we play.

The sole is sewn to the cut, to improve the durability of the boot and, being a low profile, to also provide a better control sensation while playing.

Munich G3 Profit

We all know about the quality of this brand, one of the worldwide futsal hallmarks. We bring up this brand thanks to the Munich G3 Profit boot, that will surely seduce all of you who like Munich Gresca. This boot is made with synthetic skin, but don't let this deceive you, Munich's philosophy is still very alive thanks to the design of the sole that favours the control of the ball with this part of the foot.

What would be of Munich without its characteristic midsoles, with a high profile, where there are two different areas, the forefoot with a rounded groove design that facilitates any kind of movement without losing grip. This is a great choice if you're a fan of the Spanish brand, with an affordable price.

adidas Predator Tango 18.4 Sala

Be alert to the mid and low tiers that the German brand is bringing to us, truly remarkable! Yes, we know that in futsal it's not very usual to see the Predator line, but we need to take into account that this is the natural evolution of the iconic adidas Supersala, a synonim of comfort, lightness and durability. The upper is made, surprisingly for its tier, with the softest synthetic material which, combined with textile, provides a good contact sensation with the ball.

The low-profile midsole joined with the sole in the midfoot, provides a total grip and control sensations in contact with the ball. Besides, it provides a perfect grip during the most aggressive actions.

Kelme Precision LNFS

This is our best futsal boot under 60€. The Spanish brand provides with the highest-quality products and is the starring star of La Liga, leading the brand ranking for the next season. Made with natural skin, it's one of the most comfortable futsal boots on the market.

The rest of the boot has a mid profile, in its midsole has EVA rubber to reduce impacts against the court. The sole stands out for the pivoting point to aid during spins and the K-lite bending line system to favour support and shifts. Finally, the Erosion Control System differentiates two zones made with rubber but with different densities to adapt to every step.







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