Ronaldinho Gaucho – Deserved homage

Some days after the "goodbye" of Ronaldihno Gaúcho as a professional player, Nike launches two out of four models that pay tribute to the Brazilian player in some of the most important stages of his career.

25 January 2018 - Written by Tiago Gomes

After Ronaldinho's farewell to the playfield, today two conmemorative models are launched to recall two of the most important stages of his career and, curiously, they aren't just Nike boots, but futsal boots over the basis of the Tiempo X Lunar.

We have to look back to 1999. Ronaldihno makes his debut with the Porto Alegre's Grémio, his birth city. That very same year he also plays for the first time for the Brazilian National Team as the number 10 and scores.

This model has some references to the Brazilian club: the inscription on the tongue "Eu jogo com música na cabeça" (I play with music in my head) that represents the joy with which Ronaldinho played, and the logo R10 on the upper, all of this over a navy blue basis.

Then comes the Parisian adventure, in Europe for the first time, wearing the colours of the PSG. All after being already the favourite player in Brazil.

He barely stayed for two season in Paris, but what really made an imprint on him has his first day, his arrival to the club.

This model reflects the impact the "City of Lights" made on Ronaldinho. The black colour with golden details represents its shiny appearance.


Two colours, two moments, a great homage.

Nike TiempoX Finale 10R Paris

Nike TiempoX Finale 10R Porto Alegre

Nike TiempoX


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