Reusch Pure Contact X Ray

The goalkeeper’s hands will be closer than ever to the ball with Reusch’s latest release. Its single-piece design, the neoprene material and the technologies used in its construction make the new Reusch Pure Contact X Ray one of the lightest gloves ever.

23 October 2018 - Written by Tiago Gomes

Man or machine?

“Unleash the beast” is Reusch’s motto for these new Pure Contact X-Ray gloves. The German brand wants you to be the worst nightmare of your rival.

This model wraps the hand ergonomically, as if it was a second skin.This happens thanks to the drastic reduction of materials used in the backhand and, over all, to the light layer assembled over the palm with an Evolution Negative Cut .

Also, the touch has been highly increased thanks to its single-piece design and the inclusion of the FreeFlex technology. Besides, the neoprene material in its construction make this model one of the lightest ever.

On the other hand, the new R3 Mega Solid palm represents the balance between durability and grip, offering a great cushioning sensation.

To complete this ensemble, the asymmetric cut and the adjustment strap increase the sensation of contact with the ball.

To sum up…

Grip and durability

The R3 Mega Solid palm represents an excellent combination between durability and grip.


Its single-piece construction makes this glove to feel like a second skin.


Thanks to its combination of extremely innovative materials, this is one of the lightest gloves on the market.

Although the backhand is made with neoprene, it allows the hand to ventilate and protects it at the same time.

This is a ground-breaking and noteworthy design that perfectly represents the meaning of this model.

An excellent bet of the German brand.


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