Christian Eriksen

The Tottenham FC midfielder Christian Eriksen has granted us an interview about the new Nike Training uniforms and his history with the American brand.
Name: Christian Danneman Eriksen
Birth date: February 14th 1992
Birth place: Middelfart, Danemark
Current club: Tottenham
Height: 5'' 8
Debut year: 2010
  • AFC Ajax (2010 - 2014)
  • Tottenham FC (2014 - present)

1. Tell us what are the main differences between the new Nike Training uniforms and those of 10 years ago.

It's been a long time since 2002. I don't know if they even wore uniforms like these, maybe in kids' size. However, you can realize how much they've changed. The style has improved quite much since then.

2. How does influence your clothing in your performance during training sessions?

I think you are more comfortable if you feel good with what you're wearing and don't think if you're wearing something too large or too small. It's probably a mental issue, if you feel comfortable, you feel better.

3. Tell us your history with Nike, how much time have you worked together and how long have you worn their boots?

Yes, we have worked together from a long time ago. If I'm not mistaken, I had my first contract with Nike in 2010, a little bit before the World Cup and I played with the Mercurial. First I tried the Vapor, then the Superfly and finally the Magista.

4. Then, you've used several football boot models but, which are your favourite? Do you prefer lighter boots? Do you like the skin ones?

Football boots have changed a lot. If I think about skin boots I think about a little bit old-fashioned boots. Times have changed and, once ago, boots weren't made with the best skin, you had to train with them before so the skin would stretch. Now we have good materials that, even if they don't offer the same sensations as the natural skin, they provide a perfect fit thanks to their great technological improvements. You can see this in the Mercurial and the Magista, so much different regarding weight.

5. Do you wear the same boots for your training sessions as for your matches?

It depends on the kind of field I play on but I always carry with me a pair of boots with rubber studs and another with alluminium studs, it depends on the field conditions. Yesterday I played with rubber studs but I usually use the same boots either for matches as for training sessions.

6. What do you do with the boots you don't use anymore because you've passed on to a new collection?

I still keep the World Cup and the European Championship boots of 2002. Unluckily, we didn't classify for the other tournaments but I still have these boots.


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