Claudio Bravo

FC Barcelona goalkeeper

He has arrived to FCB with the hard task of replacing Victor Valdes. But after some very good seasons in Real Sociedad and after an amazing World Cup in Brazil... he has arrived to FCB in the best moment of his career. So we have gone to Barcelona to interview him on the first games of La Liga
Name: Claudio Andrés Bravo Muñoz
 Claudio Bravo
Birth date:
 13 de abril de 1983 (31 años) 
Country birth:
 Buin (Chile)
Current Club:
 FC Barcelona
  • Colo Colo (2003-2006)
  • Real Sociedad (2006-2014)
  • FC Barcelona (2014-actualidad)

- Claudio, you've been with adidas for a short time... let us know how was the process signing with the German brand.

I've been with a different brand for a long time but comfort and to feel confident with what you're wearing is essential! adidas offered me those conditions and I accepted it, and I must say I'm very glad of the choice I made because the materials feel really good.

- You're one of a few players of this brand that feature a rollfinger glove, is it your favorite cut? tell us about that particular choice.

As you said, one of a few... or maybe the only one using that cut. I tried out all the other cuts but this one was the one that made me feel more comfortable. I don't like the gloves that fit too tight, I like to have some space inside the glove and this model with this special cut was the one that gave me what I needed.

- The new adidas Predator Zones is completely different, it feature a reinforcement in the palm, the elements in the back hand, the different pieces of the palm... is this new one better than the past one?

They are very similar models, they have some improvements in the grip, or the rubber zone in the base to make it more durable. Actually, the improvements just make it more durable and provide a better grip in all weather conditions.

- We are material freaks and we analyze all the details. That is why we are surprised that you still use the Battle Pack model from the World Cup, is it because of the great job you did in the World Cup?

Well the answer is, no... The latest models is the same as the one I used in the World Cup, the only difference is the color. It's not superstition but I do feel better with model than with the new one. So I train with the new model and I play with the World Cup ones. But it's the same glove, the only thing that is different is the colorway.

- We've gone through our clients list and have check that you are a client and you have made several orders in Soloporteros. Tell us about how you knew us and the relationship with our website.

In Soloporteros you can find a wide range of products for keepers, and that you don't find everywhere. I've made some orders in the website because I know I can trust it and because of the good service... So thank you for that, the customer service was always excellent and I received the material really fast, which I really like.


1. Blocking: Manuel Neuer  

2. Air play: Gianluigi Buffon 

3. Feet play: Víctor Valdés 

4. 1 vs 1: Iker Casillas  

5. Mind: Thibaut Courtois

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