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SP Fútbol Odin Ball

White-Blue reference no.. SP18.083
29'95 €

purchase 5 for 28.45 € each one and save money -5 %

purchase 10 for 25.46 € each one and save money -15 %

purchase 50 for 22.46 € each one and save money -25 %

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The ball is the main element to play football. The difference between playing with a regular ball and one of the best footballs available in the market is huge. SP launches a professional performance football, available for everyone. Why is the SP ODIN football different than others? The most important part is the external material, a PU made in Japan, internal lining layers and thermofused panels to so the football does not absorb water and maintains its shape. 


- PU External microfibre with a 3D finish for a perfect contact when kicking and catching the football. 

- Thermofused panels (seamless): this avoids the risks of the football absorbing water or losing its shape. 

-Its valve is leak-proof to maintain the pressure for a long time. 

-Weight: 410-440 grs. 

- SUITABLE FOR: professional performance football designed for top-level competition. 

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