• Bota Magista Obra FG ACC Volt-Hyper punch
  • Bota Magista Obra FG ACC Volt-Hyper punch
  • Bota Magista Obra FG ACC Volt-Hyper punch
  • Bota Magista Obra FG ACC Volt-Hyper punch
  • Bota Magista Obra FG ACC Volt-Hyper punch

Nike Magista Obra FG ACC Football Boots

Volt-Hyper punch reference no.. NI641322.770
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Technical description

Revolution reaches football by the hand of the Magista Obra.
It's curious to think that technology evolves by returning to its roots with a boot that goes back to covering the ankle as it did during the 50s. But the introduction of Flyknit allows for the creation of the Dynamic Fit ankle support, which creates the perfect symbiosis between the football boot and the player. Magista is a dream come true for all those creative players. A light weight, good touch on the ball and outsole support for making turns and a good pre-shot support. Magista Obra has probably changed the way of making boots forever.


The Flyknit (woven thread) material is the basic element: a technology imported from athletics that allows for the construction of an elastic, one-piece boot that covers the foot all the way up to the ankle with the Dynamic Fit component. The ACC (all conditions control) and the Nike Skin finish complete an upper that provides unique sensations


Flyknit is incredibly elastic, which makes for such a good fit that even the laces are more of a decorative element than a functional component. A number of rubber inserts along the inside prevent chafing during use


Combination of Pebax and Nylon. The Pebax in the new outsole base allows for the creation of numerous bending points. Nylon makes for the perfect union between the upper and the outsole thanks to its elasticity


Creative players who want to wear a unique boot that stands out for being the model that attains the snuggest fit to the body and the best support for those footballers that prize stability over speed


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