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adidas Ace 16+ Purecontrol FG/AG Football Boots

Solar green reference no.. ADAQ4999
240'50 €
-20% before: 300'00 € | price : 228.48 €

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More than 100 years of football boots evolution have served to reach the current boots we have in the market today which have nothing to do with the original ones. Boots have evolved in all aspects. There was only one single element that remained the same till today: the laces system. It's hard to understand that with all the effort in reducing weight, clean surfaces and wider striking areas this element was still there untouched. But why? Simply because there was no material in football boots that would allow to remove the laces while keeping a tight fit. But with the woven boots that changed. adidas has been the first one to do it with the launch of the ACE 16 Purecontrol. This way they are the first ones to start the 2016, year of EuroCup, Copa America and Olympic games so get ready for more.

ThePrimeknit elastic woven material covers the entire upper. This material allows to eliminate the interference of the laces in contact with the football. We also find a synthetic layer finish that protects against water and makes for a better interaction with the ball.
The ControlFit technology is the result of a long development process regarding the players feet and how to provide the best possible fit, as a second skin. Primecut shape that goes all the way up to the ankle of the footballer.
The Sprintframe is back which is great for professional players as well as amateurs. A heelcounter that is one with the outsole. The new ControlFrame brings back the conical studs which make for smoother cuts and turns.
Football players looking for an elite boot that eliminates all interferences in contact with the ball. These boots a suitable for natural gras as well as firm ground.


James Rodríguez
James Rodríguez
Real Madrid
Claudio Bravo
Claudio Bravo
Manchester City FC
Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba
Manchester United FC

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