Mizuno Morelia Classic MD Football Boots

Blue depths-Gold reference no.. MZP1GA1915.50
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Technical description

A classic among classics. The Morelia line is of the boots most requested by our customers. New blue colour with white details on the tongue and heel.
A classic model that set the trends during the 90s to such a degree that it's survived to our day without any major modifications. Its lightness and good fit - thanks to the high quality and good treatment of the materials used - make it possible for this boot to continue to be a reference over 20 years later with only the slightest restyling of the outsole and the tongue.


Mizuno's trademark ultra-soft calfskin with a water-proofing treatment. The multiple seams make it possible for the boot to stretch without losing its shape


The natural skin is stable enough on its own that it makes any extra reinforcements unnecessary, apart from the tongue, which protects the instep from the pressure produced by the bootlace knot


Mizuno's classic outsole with 13 round studs and a plate under the central stud. Its particularly high durability allows for it to be used both on natural as well as on artificial grass


Mid-range boot suitable for use on both natural and artificial grass. It satisfies the most classic-minded players for whom a good fit and touch on the ball are vital

  • Football Boots Morelia Classic MD Blue depths-Gold

    Football Boots Morelia Classic MD Blue depths-Gold

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