New Balance Classic 442 v1 Team Turf Football Boots

Black-White reference no.. NBMSCFTBW1
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Football bootsType of outsole: TURF - Synthetic ground

Technical description

New Balance 442 Team Turf football boots for adults. Leather football boots for any generation artificial grass, earth or concrete. Mid-tier football boots in Black-White.

The basis and essence of football, black boots. Although they've been designed in a thusand ways, the tongue hasn't disappeared from classic boots. NB wants to pay homage to old football, in which simplicity was the true beauty of the sport. Prepared for a thousand battles, the new NB 442 are made to go with you in an elegant manner, offering the quality of a leather boot.


The upper is made with synthetic leather, with seams in strategic places to perfectly adapt to the foot and prevent folds.


Heel with anti-sliding materials, inside gusset for a better fit, anti-sliding insole with cushioning system and a wider toe cap.


PU sole for more durability. Rubber sole for turf, artificial grass and hard terrains.


For footballers playing over artificial grass, earth or concrete and looking for a classic boot with a good adjustment and touch.

  • Football Boots Classic 442 v1 Team Turf Black-White

    Football Boots Classic 442 v1 Team Turf Black-White

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    Socks Special Football White

  • -35% Socks Special Football Black

    Socks Special Football Black

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