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Nike Phantom Vision Elite DF FG Football Boots

Black reference no.. NIAO3262.001
27'50 €
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The American brand surprises us in 2018 with the presentation of the new Phantom line that substitutes Magista. This is a boot for those players who create the game, who seek the maximum sensations in contact with the ball without giving up on a total fit with the inclusion of the QUADFIT technology. These are the boots of such big names as Coutinho, Kevin De Bruyne or Sergio Busquets.

The upper is made with the Flyknit thread that has been improved with different textures to get a much smoother finish that doesn't need to be worn to soften up that, just like what happened with the CTR, presents a more wrinkled finish in the inside lateral, with more grip to control the ball more easily. All of it covered by the ACC technology.
Here is where appears the new QUADFIT technology, a inner mesh over the chassis (also made with Flyknit) placed in the laterals of the boot that complies with a double function: fit and stability. Here is where the 6 eyelets of the laces, that comply with the same functions as the briocables, are placed.
The new plate stands out for being ultra-light as well as reactive, so the weight is lightened and the strength of the player's legs can be squeezed to the limit. The distribution of studs combines the traditional with the modern given that there are 14 studs placed in those places where there is lesser pressure but 3 of them are in the big toe, creating a circle to favour spins and 4 bladed studs are placed in the heel to provide more stability.
For those players looking for a top-tier boot to compete at a professional or federated level that offers the maximum sensations in contact with the ball as well as a customised fit. To be used on natural or 3G artificial grass pitches.


Philipe Coutinho
Philipe Coutinho
FC Barcelona

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