Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG Football Boots

Platinum tint-Rage green-Black reference number. NI_AT5293-030
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Technical description

Nike Tiempo Legend VIII Elite FG football boots for adults. Leather football boots with sock for wet or sun-baked natural grass. Top-tier football boots in Platinum tint-Rage green-Black

Of all electromagnetic radiation emitted by objects, we call light that is visible, that is, that which our eyes can capture and our mind translates into information. This is where the visible spectrum comes into play, where the player's ability to persuade the opponent's attention and dominate them comes into play. Nike launches the new Spectrum Pack collection, a pack full of color and vibrancy. A range of colors that will accompany you in the most difficult moments of the season.


New constructions and design of the smooth Nike premium leather. The upper has a 3D square design design to provide more grip when in contact with the ball and more sturdiness to strike when compared to the previous model.


A new inside structure makes this boot more comfortable and personalised. The Flyknit is again the main star, both in the tongue and the heel. Taking into account the former Flyware, the new Quadfit Mesh, locks the foot in the boot.


The new Hyperstability Plate combines different-shaped studs: triangle and bladed in the heel for more stability and conical in the forefoot with a central triangle stud to provide more traction when braking. For wet or sun-baked natural grass pitches.


Maximum level players looking for a football boot to provide traditional sensations thanks to the natural leather of the upper and offering a personalised comfort that we won't find in any other model. Boots for natural grass pitches.

  • Football Boots Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG Platinum tint-Rage green-Black

    Football Boots Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG Platinum tint-Rage green-Black

  • -35% Socks Special Football White

    Socks Special Football White

  • -35% Socks Special Football Black

    Socks Special Football Black

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