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HO Soccer One Flat Glove

Lime spark reference no.. HO51.0748
23'95 €
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Guante HO Soccer One Flat Lime spark

The One line is classified by HO Soccer as medium-end, but truth is, we are talking about a model that when it comes to performance it manages to reach the high-end. The glove´s wide cut makes it a perfect choice for those goalkeepers that do not feel comfortable with gloves that feel too tight. The cherry on top of the cake is the UCG latex (Ultimate Control Grip) on the palm, a professional performance material that HO does not use on top-gloves but still is a great choice for competition.

UCG latex (Ultimate Control Grip) with a high percentage of natural latex to compete at federated level. Assembled on a flat cut.
High density synthetic latex on a textile framework with good perspiration.
Elastic wristband with two Velcro closing zones. PU strap to fasten the glove.
Goalkeepers looking for a glove suitable for training and competition.

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