HO Soccer Supremo Pro II RN Special Sandra Paños Glove

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Supremo Pro II RN Special Sandra Paños glove

This is Sandra Paños' glove, goalkeeper of FC Barcelona and the Spanish Federation. This glove keeps the construction properties of the seamless style, born as a response to the market demand of single-piece gloves, with a clear backhand and minimal seams. Top-tier glove for professional competitions.

Color decoration chosen for the Liga Iberdrola matches.

Aquaformula (top-range) latex assembled over a roll/negative hybrid cut.
Seamless neoprene body. 3D PRINTING SHIELD gel system with a special focus on the fist blocking area.
Elastic wristband with an extension of the backhand. Elastic fastening strap with two velcro moorings.
For professional competitions.

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