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New Balance Furon Destroy Pro Glove

Flame reference no.. NBNFGDEST.8AFL
43'95 €
-50% before: 87'95 € | price : 41.75 €

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Have you ever tried a professional-level goalkeeper glove? Everybody will notice. And also this Furon Destroy third generation glove will be noticed. The special construction that combines a breathable fabric body with neoprene pieces whose extension creates a wristband, provides a unique sensation. On the fingertips, an inner thimble allows the most sensitive area during blockings to always be stuck to the hand.

Supersoft latex with a small percentage of synthetic latex. Flat cut. Inner thimble on the fingertips to adjust the glove to the hand.
Breathable fabric body and neoprene with latex pieces strategically positioned to increase sturdiness and facilitate fist blockings.
The wristband is an extension of the body of the glove. It's open to ease the wear on and off. Elastic closure strap. Extension of the palm latex.
Goalkeepers looking for a very light, technical and close-fitted competition glove.

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