SP Fútbol No Goal VIII Pro CHR Glove

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One of our most long-lasting models in the SP range: 8 generations of No Goal, and still present in our collection. Through all of this time, the No Goal has been updated based on two premises: lightness and technicality. The model from 2016/2017 has had an important upgrade on its wristcuff. A new extra-long neoprene compound that offers a tightness sensation simliar to the one achieved by a compression bandage. The closure strap has been redesigned, to provide a personalized adjustment, this time with a single turn around the wrist, instead of two, for a greater freedom of movement.

Special Gigagrip (GG) latex to catch the football under any conditions, assembled on a flat cut. Internal gel on the fingertips and cuts to favour bending the glove.
Perfect balance between natural latex and breathable textile so the glove adapts to the hand and and provides outsantding breathability
New extra-long neoprene wrist cuff. Improved adjustement to the hand, offering a similar tightness sensation from a compressive bandage. Elastic closure strap of, provides a great lock with a single turn around the wrist
Goalkeepers looking for a glove that offers lightness and a very snug fit. It performs at a professional level, specially designed to provide an enhanced grip under any condition.

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