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SP Fútbol Pantera Orion EVO Aqualove Glove

White-Blue reference no.. SPFW18.021
23'95 €
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Pantera Orion EVO Aqualove glove in White-Blue for the 2018/2019 season

The Pantera Orion model has received a noteworthy change for the 18/19 season with the redesign of the Dual Core piece. The core of the Pantera line is now an ensemble of gel-injected pieces that increase the sturdiness of the glove without diminishing the mobility of the hand.

Professional-performance Aqualove (AQ) latex developed to effectively work in wet conditions. 2.0 rollfinger cut with wrapping in the fingertips. Inner gel in the fingertips.
More natural latex than ever to increase the sturdiness of the glove, assembled over a damp-proof textile. Gel-inject Dual Core central piece to increase the sturdiness of the glove.
Elastic wristband with a natural latex fastening strap and two Velcro closures.
Goalkeeper looking for a special competition glove for water, very sturdy to feel they offer the maximum latex surface for every blockage.

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