SP Fútbol Valor 409 EVO Pro Glove

Black-Fuchsia reference no.. SPFW18.013
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Valor 409 EVO Pro glove in Black-Fuchsia for the 2018/2019 season

Back to the origins. More classic. More 90's-ish. More Valor! The brand SP retrieves the sensations of the Valor 99, the original model, with a distributions of backhand pieces inspired by the 2009 original model that was the first professional-performance SP glove.

Professional-performance Gigagrip (GG) latex. Flat cut with retro latex thumb in the style of the Valor 99. Inner gel in the fingertips.
New body entirely made with latex to achieve a balance and flexibility sensation never seen before in the Valor line.
Elastic wristband with a natural latex fastening strap and two Velcro closures.
Goalkeepers used to classic gloves and looking for a professional-performance glove with protections that grips in any condition.

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