Lotto Tacto 200 IV ID Futsal Boot

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New generation of the Lotto Tacto II 200 indoor boot. High-end model for the 2018-2019 season, designed for professional players playing in the best leagues around the world. 

The new Lotto Tacto II 200 indoor boot, is this line´s second generation which combines synthetic materials that perfectly adapt to the player´s needs, providing him with a light and comfortable boot that also has great touch when making contact with the football. 

Made of one synthetic skin for perfect ball control. It is also equipped with a TPU reinforcement on the front to protect with part.
Made of EVA, which in addition to the insole made of the same material, increases comfort.
Made of rubber. It includes a bending line on the front that facilitates making that movement without breaking the boot´s structure nor losing stability. It is also equipped with a pivot point to make turns without any great effort.
Due to the materials it is made of, it is suitable for indoor pitches and little abrasive surfaces.

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