Munich Gresca Futsal Boot

White reference number. MU_3000285
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Technical description

Shoe made of nylon and mesh which facilitates perspiration and makes it very comfortable. The interior of the shoe is made of a padded material to make it more comfortable. The sole is vulcanized and incorporates a midsole manufactured in two densities that provides comfort in the supports, reinforcing the areas of greatest impact for the sole of the foot, in addition to giving greater strength to those areas of greater wear.

The design of the sole highlights the pivot point to favor turns without losing stability and protecting the joints that influence this movement, such as the ankles and knees. On the sole we see two differentiated areas, the front one where its design of rounded grooves favor any movement without losing grip and before any type of support. In addition, this design favors the control of the ball with this part of the foot and makes it easier to make passes. In the part of the bridge and in the heel area you can see a longitudinal flexion line that helps to protect us from possible sprains by providing the shoe with great capacity for torsion.

Due to its design and the materials with which it is manufactured, it is recommended to use it for indoor courts of any material, although where they give their best performance is on parquet. In addition, its wide range of colors makes it an attractive shoe to combine with sport wear, so you can wear it to play a game or to go out with friends.





  • Futsal Boot Gresca White

    Futsal Boot Gresca White

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    Socks Special Football White

  • -35% Socks Special Football Black

    Socks Special Football Black

54'78 €
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