Munich Tiga Indoor Futsal Boot

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Munich Tiga IC futsal boots for adults. Synthetic-microfiber boots with sock for indoor and outdoor courts. Mid-tier boots in fluorescent yellow-fluorescent orange. For lethal players. 

The brand Munich has set the trend in the futsal world, probably being the most used futsal boot by professional players ever. This time, the Spanish brand has joined the trend of including in their futsal boot line, the particular Knit, showing us that they know how to keep the perfect balance between classicism and innovation.

On the toe cap there is a synthetic microfibre that is resistant to water and the passing of time. Besides the added rubber gusset of the toe cap protects those zones more exposed to scratches. The synthetic microfiber technology includes different thickness levels to give sturdiness to the foot and improve the contact with the ball.
Being a low-tier boot, it's made with EVA rubber to offer a correct cushioning and keeping thus the philosophy of developing a boot to be as light as possible.
Made with rubber with a new design with a star pattern that constantly repeats, with a higher density in the zones with the most wear, guaranteeing raction, stability and a lot of contact with the ball.
Players competing at an amateur or initiation level who value the comfort of the Knit and the raction of a versatile sole with a great resistance to time and uses. For indoor and outdoor courts.

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