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Sportlast Technical Recuperation Leg warmers

Blancas reference no.. MD503
44'95 €
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Exclusive product you will only find here at Fútbol Emotion. Many elite players in our Spanish 'Liga' already use these high-quality compressive products.
Fútbol Emotion presents a new range of products based on compression, adding to these products the qualities that place them at the forefront of elite sports. Many elite players already trust in Sportlast in order to improve their performance in competition and recuperation after the hard training sessions and matches.
RECU (Recuperation) range, consisting in uniform compression garments that, because of the effect produced by this compression, create a massage effect and drain the toxins produced during exercise. This sock may only be used for up to 2 hours after practising sport.
Technical description: Obtains a fast recuperation after exercise and accelerates strength production. This muscle compression system drains the toxins accumulated during effort, as well as compacting the muscle, binding the broken microfibres and giving back 100% of the muscle's strength and viscosity. Recommended usage time must not exceed 120 minutes.

  • Normalises the volume of the calves, quadriceps and hamstrings.
  • Helps recuperate from muscle overcharge.
  • Massage effect.

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