The boots of
Ansu Fati

FC Barcelona

The new Fútbol Club Barcelona and world football youngster has the world of football at its feet, well, actually, at its Nike football boots. Ansu Fati, after a start with different models, has chosen which will be his football boot, and given its verticality, dribbling and plays at maximum speed, it is not surprising that his choice was the Nike Mercurial Vapor Elite

The FC Barcelona jersey is now the image of the Blaugrana youngster, who seems to never stop surprising us and even more so, now that he is also one of the stars of the Spanish National Team. This brilliant evolution in his game has now led him to be one of the footballers of the future, and Ansu Fati has decided that this future will be with Nike Mercurial on his feet. 

The FC Barcelona winger has opted for the Vapor version of the mercurial saga, a super modern alternative, but with a somewhat more classic fit than the Superfly version. This boot is made entirely of Flyknit, an ultralight material, which allows that feeling of putting on a sock to spread to your feet when you wear one of the new Mercurial Nike. The fit is spectacular, and you can see how the boot wraps and adjusts to your foot to the extreme, allowing you to perform all movements with maximum lightness and speed. 

It is not all about adjustment, this flyknit is covered by a layer of Nikeskin, a synthetic material that surrounds the entire boot, and gives us that unique grip for ball control. That’s not everything, thanks to the fusion of the nikeskin with the well-known Nike technology, the ACC, we have a boot with the necessary grip and touch on the upper, despite playing in the rain or in more difficult conditions, which will never be a problem for the Nike Mercurial Vapor. 

Regarding the sole, the Mercurial, without a doubt, one of the most aggressive tractions that there is today. The combination of triad studs at the traction points and the extra length of the studs, allow for exquisite starts and stops when you wear Mercurial. In addition, Mercurial’s plate is modular, which allows the boot to wrap around your foot in a much more natural way and more in line with its distribution. The sole of the Mercurial is quite a show. 

And these are Ansu Fati’s football boots, incredible boots with a story that seems to never end. Many of the great football stars have chosen nike mercurial for their feet, and now it is Ansu Fati's turn to wear them. We are sure to see the rise of a new idol, again with the Nike swoosh glued to his feet.

The boots formerly worn by Ansu Fati

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