The boots of
Kun Agüero

FC Barcelona

Puma's latest evolution in their football boot line is the release of the new Puma ONE, a model which perfectly adapts and reinforces the characteristics of Kun Agüero. The football boots of the Manchester City player are prepared to endure Agüero's main skills: a spectacular combination of speed and strength in his legs whichis transferred to the ball in his strikes and to the playfield, in order to tolerate the amazing traction of his accelerations.

The Puma models that Agüero has worn have always sought lightness combined to the best possible sensations for the footballer for striking. Agüero combines two main skills in the playground: strength and speed in his shifts but also a great ability for dribbles and strikes.

Consequently, Kun Agüero needs a football boot with a good lockdown, which favours accelerations and brakes, direction changes and aggressive motions without renouncing to touch. The Manchester City player needs a pair of football boots which gives him traction during brakes, accelerations, direction changes, ball control and strikes.

Agüero will be one of the main representatives of the new Puma ONE in the playfield.

Here you will find all the Puma football boot collection Kun Agüero has worn so you can choose your favourite color combination.

The boots formerly worn by Kun Agüero

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