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The boots of
Sadio Mané

Liverpool FC

Sadio Mané has undoubtedly become one of the revelations of the 17/18 season in the Premier League and one of the best players on the African continent. Liverpool's left winger is one of the English club's most mediatic players, becoming a press cover for every game he plays with “The Reeds”. Among his most recent merits, we find how the player born in Senegal, has promoted his team to be the finalist of the Champions League.

Mané stands out for being a real torture for rival defenders, being a player with a lethal spillover and dribbling, as well as having a devilish speed. Mané is one of those players that any club in the world would like to have, thanks to his personality and character. Mané's football boots are the new New Balance Tekela Pro, a silo that has only recently been on the market and that, like Sadio Mané's game, may be one of the revelations of the following campaign, thanks to experience and integration feedback from the brand's players.

Why is Mané betting on this new silo?

The players who choose this silo will not do so for a specific idea, in fact the mixture of concepts is what enhances and gives meaning to Sané's football boot.
The first would be the upper; a new synthetic microfiber called Fantomfit, which stands out for its softness and similarity to natural skin. A shell that despite having that “classic” feel, is combined being thin and light, finished off with a 3D finish that adds grip to each contact with the ball. All this is achieved thanks to the one-piece support that acts as a bridge between the plate and the lacing of the laces.

The second point is the sole, a sole developed to fully exploit total control on the pitch, thanks to a more flexible plate than its sister, the New Balance Furon, which maintains a stabilizing bridge to avoid inopportune twisting and perfect stability.

Here we leave you the boots with which Sadio Mané will compete from now on.

The boots used by Sadio Mané
Tekela V3+ Pro Leather FG

The boots formerly worn by Sadio Mané

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