David de Gea

David de Gea

The gloves and boots of
David de Gea

Manchester United FC

David de Gea already wears the new Predator goalkeeper gloves, the evolution of the adidas' ACE line. The goalie of the Manchester United and of the Spanish National Team is one of the main representatives of the brand and the Predator Pro model provide De Gea with one of the characteristics he always looks for in his gloves: the perfect balance between fit and sturdiness.

The player of the Manchester United is a goalkeeper evolving into maturity and he is now in a key moment of his sports career. He always stood out for his excellent positioning and decision-taking skills. Besides, his agility allows him to carry out impossible saves. He also stands out for his unique anticipation and his progress these last years in England have turned into a great confidence.

The new adidas Predator Pro perfectly adapts to the taste and needs of the Manchester United keeper. In the palm, the Predator Pro gloves present Allround latex by adidas and the Seamless Touch technology which differentiates without seams the thicker latex, in the centre of the palm, from the finger area, which has more grip.

The most characteristic of this new line by adidas, just like with the Control football boot models released by the German brand, is the ControlSkin of the backhand which reinforces the area goalkeepers use for fist blockings. Besides, a wide latex layer helps to provide the sturdiness a goalkeeper like David De Gea wants for his gloves.

Finally, the neoprene wristband, with an elastic fastening strap which circles the joint twice, provides a perfect fit to the hand. It has always been very usual in de Gea to use bulky bandages to guarantee the steady closure of this area.

Here we present the adidas Predator Pro glove collection David de Gea wears so you can choose your favourite color combination.

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