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Kelme Trueno Sala Futsal Boot

Royal reference no.. KE55786.703
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New futsal boot for kids Kelme Trueno Sala

It has come back to stay, inspired in one of the most successful desings from KELME. This one is a great option to play or to wear in your daily outfits.

It features a "hisking" microfiber and textile combination for a perfect adaptation to the foot. Besides, it is very lightweigh and provides a good control sensation when contacting the ball. The collar and interior padding make it very comfortable. There is a reinforcement in the toecap to protecting it from wearing off.
High profile. It incorporates an EVA layer, a material that helps reduce the impacts and improve the cushioning.
Made of rubber, the pivot point enables the player to perform quick turns. Ultra Grip system guarantees a great abrasion resistance. It combines difderent design patterns to aid the player in all kind of movements.
Due to the materials it is made of, it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors; though it performs best indoors and in little abrassive surfaces. It can also be used to top up any casual look.

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