Reusch Woman Pure Contact II G3 WWC Glove

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Pure Contact II G3 WWC glove for women in white-magenta

Ready for the 2019 Women's World Cup in France with this exclusive goalkeeper glove!
Thanks to a radical reduction of the material to an only layer in the back and another in the palm, the hands of the goalkeeper have never been as close to the ball as with these Reusch goalkeeper gloves, as light and flexible as ever: pure contact. Produced in Germany, the G3 Ultra Soft is a Reusch palm foam with all the best grip properties ever, a great cushioning and an improved resistance. The special adhesive additives make this latex to have a lot of grip. It presents a great grip in dry conditions and a good performance in wet climates, making the foam of the palm the first option for most of Reusch professional goalkeepers. The single-piece FreeFlex backhand makes the Pure Contact Reusch's lighter professional glove, it simply adjusts like a second skin. The tight-fitted neoprene provides a great fit and ventilation. Thanks to the negative Evolution cut, the latex wraps without problem around the fingertips for a perfect adjustment, the best control and a maximized latex contact area with the ball.  A construction of inside seams in the lower parts of the fingers offer an extremely tight adjustment, soft, flexible and ergonomic. The extra-long wristband with integrated strap guarantees the best fastening and a perfect fit around the wrist.

G3 Ultra Soft latex to guarantee the maximum grip in all conditions.
The single-piece FreeFlex backhand is very tight-fitted to provide an excellent adjustment.
When combining ground-breaking materials, a new, lighter goalkeeper glove line for professional players is created.
The back materials are light and drilled to guarantee an unlimited air circulation and a constant ventilation.

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