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Rinat Uno Alpha Glove

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Rinat is also on the trend of manufacturing palms combining compounds to adapt to the demads of each zone of the palm.

The Uno Alpha glove model can be considerated a hybrid glove between a top-tier model and an initiation model because it combines Omega Grip on the fingers (the smoothest latex and with the best grip of the brand) with Omega Resistance latex on the centre of the palm (the most resistant latex of Rinat). The reason is clear: the fingers need grip, the centre of the palm needs cushioning and resistance. The result is a very balanced glove, that can't be considerated 100% top-tier but is functional enough thanks to the Omega Grip.

Combinatin of Omega Grip on the fingers and Omega Resistance on the central body. Ergo Roll cut.
Synthetic latex assembled over a breathable mesh body.
Elastic wristband and an elastic atex strap, specially wide and with a grip that adjusts to the only hook and loop point.
Glove with a classic sturdy suitable for trainings and for non-professional level competitions.

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