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Munich Continental Exclusiva Futsal Boot

White-Blue-Black reference no.. MU4109007
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Continental Exclusiva boot in white-blue for the 2018/2019 season

Model designed by the Futbol Emotion team exclusively for this new season.

It presents the white color as a basis, both in the sole and the cut, combined with spectacular and elegant details in black and blue, to stand even more on the court.

Manufactured with natural skin to provide a smooth feel. The inside of the boot is made with a padded material to make it feel more comfortable. Its seamless design offers a large contact area with the ball, which favours precise strikes.
Two different areas can be spotted. The forefoot has a rounded groove design that favours any kind of movements without losing any traction.
Vulcanised outsole. It includes a double-density midsole that provides comfort upon supports by reinforcing the parts of the foot that receive the most impacts, as well as giving extra hardness to those areas most affected by erosion.
Because of its design and materials, this boot is recommended for use on indoor courts of any kind, although it offers its best performance when playing on parquet.

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Niklas Thorleifsen1
Wednesday, 06 de March de 2019
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