As chuteiras de Paul Pogba

Manchester United FC
Paul Pogba has become one of the most mediatic players of the current football scenery for a number of reasons. One of the major ones is his roleplay as a quality player for Manchester United and the France national team. His stunning physical constitution makes him one of the most powerful midfielders worldwide, which enables him to recover a number of balls , and along with a superb combination of  accurate passing and outrageous striking, makes him a kind of a player all by himself.

But, as you may know. Paul Pogba's fame goes beyond his numerous football skills. The international french draws attention thanks to his charisma and an eccentric off-field attitude, two aspects that have certainly contributed to the mediatic star he is.

adidas saw the potential of such a player when back in 2016 the german brand made him the ambassador of one of the most successful boots of their entire collection: the laceless adidas ACE Purecontrol. As the french player has gained increased popularity, so has done his comittment with the brand and now we can find several items
on the market (exclusive boots for him, backpacks, athleisure wear, etc.) manufactured by adidas and with the Paul Pogba signature.

The adidas ACE football boots are truly convenient for this type of player, a type of boot geared for the player that controls the game. The Purecontrol version offers an almost bare foot feel, as it laceless design provides a free hitting surface to touch the ball without any interferences.

All in all, if you are a fan of Pogba, celebrating any (insignificant) success with a "dab", or looking to swag up your game, below you will find the products that will help you out. A collection of boots, sneakers, backpacks, jackets and much more from Paul Pogba.

As chuteiras com as quais jogou Paul Pogba